If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

At the start of every project, regardless of size, we sit down with the client and listen. We learn as much as possible to get to the heart of the client's business. We come up with smart ideas, apply them using proven best practices and past implementations and then point your web strategy in the right direction.

w3strategies works with the client to

  • Develop a site marketing plan
  • Create requirements or mockups of a new system
  • Create Information Architecture plans for a new site
  • Position the site for the right target audiences
  • Develop a content syndication/sharing strategy
  • Recommend Search Engine Optmization (SEO) strategies and technical approaches
  • Audit a site or web application for usability, functionality, or security purposes
  • Analyze web traffic and determine usage patterns
  • Educate the client how to increase conversion rates and traffic

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w3strategies is an independent digital agency in Knoxville, Tennessee specializing in the planning, design and development of websites and other interactive applications. Founded in 2009, we focus on creating exceptional user experiences through creative design and technology.

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