Keeping a website fresh and tracking your brand in the social media world can consume a lot of time. We've been there and know that day-to-day operations can overwhelm staff with internal needs that take priority over website maintenance and management needs. In these situations, we partner with you to relieve staff so they can focus on core responsibilities - keeping your business operating!

w3strategies has considerable experience supporting our customers in day-to-day maintenance activities. We can assist in implementing an ongoing cycle of continuous enhancements, with us working as your development partners.

This is effectively a service level agreement - you buy bundles of time, which you can use whenever and in whatever way you find most useful. Examples of how this time could be used:

  • Consultancy related to the server architecture and hosting
  • WAI auditing and training
  • Integration services
  • Page specific development
  • Development of micro-sites such as conferences or special events
  • Further design support of the existing websites, intranets or extranets
  • Web analytics reporting

Your maintenance agreement can cover any additional ad-hoc or piecemeal assistance beyond the scope of the initial project. Maintenance, additional development time or developer "hand holding" can be booked on an ongoing basis to satisfy your requirements.

Our Site Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Testing after every edit
  • Code review
  • Complete backup copies of your website
  • Communication by phone and e-mail (seven days a week)
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Reduced overall cost (no payroll, benefits, or unemployment costs)
  • Commitment to seamlessly integrate into your business

Fast Turnarounds

We realize that organizations are constantly evolving to meet the demands of their customers and stakeholders. To best support this, we deliver turnaround times that are both realistic and fast to ensure prompt updates and best-in-class work. Many requests can even be performed with same-day turnaround.

Economical and Convenient

Our maintenance service is possibly the most economical and convenient service to add to your organization. In nearly all circumstances, our monthly rate are less than hiring an additional part-time webmaster.

Maintenance Features

  • 24 hour turnaround for updates and press releases.
  • Need it faster? Faster if you need it.
  • Available 7 days a week to suit your businesses needs.
  • We test after every update.
  • Personal contact available.

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w3strategies is an independent digital agency in Knoxville, Tennessee specializing in the planning, design and development of websites and other interactive applications. Founded in 2009, we focus on creating exceptional user experiences through creative design and technology.

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