Creating dynamic landing pages and microsites that reflect specific campaigns or offers can help increase the understanding, reach and overall effectiveness of your offline marketing efforts.

Your brand is the voice you use to speak to the public. You can't change it every time your staff has a new idea, or you decide to target a different market. However, you can create tailored, specific messages that reach out to new consumers while still maintaining brand integrity. The secret lies in the effective use of landing pages and microsites to communicate a new direction to a select group of consumers.

Landing pages and microsites allow you to create specific pages on your site that don't necessarily have to reflect the design or voice of your corporate site. A single page for a special product offering or a mini site designed to carve a new niche, if handled correctly, can help extend your brand to a new consumer base without disrupting the overall voice the majority of your clients have come to rely on.

But we have to admit, it isn't easy. And without a team of strategic marketers who have helped guide numerous other companies in varied industries down the landing page/microsite trail, your results could suffer. But, if you are willing to take the risk and do it right, you could see huge gains in untapped segments that can create new revenue streams.

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