DrupalCon Chicago

In March 2011, thousands of Drupal users, developers, designers, evaluators and hopeful business users will descend on Chicago's Sheraton Hotel and Towers for sessions, talks, code sprints, and more a

World-wide party for Drupal 7 announced

With only a few weeks left for Drupal 7 to be released, the Dutch Drupal foundation decided to organize release parties and create a website to display all the parties on a map.

diglloyd on Memory Prices for Mac Pro

If you're a Mac Pro owner or thinking about becoming one, Lloyd Chambers of diglloyd has some thoughts and updated graphs on memory prices.

jQuery for mobile

From the fine folks at write less, do more.

Calcutta Kids

w3strategies founder Terry Byrd had the privilege of spending a day with Noah Levinson, Co-founder and President of Calcutta Kids during our visit to Kolkata, India.

Season of Change

It's finally spring, the temperature is rising, and east Tennessee USA is absolutely gorgeous. What a great time to be moving to a new home and launching a new full-time web design agency.

Trip to India

I did it! I just returned from a two week trip half-way around the world to Kolkata, India. Yay!